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Security:  Customer service and Security are our number one priorities.  We start by always answering our phones and/or call you back as fast as possible.  We have a full Ticketing system we will even give you access to so we can make sure everyone on your Team has little or no downtime.  On the security side we will train your employee's with our security software were they will be tested and trained on what to look for when something is phishy.  We also teach them how to secure their data.  (USB's/Public WiFi etc) We will also keep your data secure too.  Encryption is key for data stored on a remote device and CUI data.  We put in Firewalls with Sandbox mode to help build a secure connection to the outside world.  We monitor your network for any signs of a data breach.  We will help you write a security policy for your company and more.  Schedule a  meeting with us at:  http://www.scheduleyou.in/j22WvvR  to see how we can help you.


On-site Service: We bring our technicians to your place of work or home to fix any issues you have with your computer. From the environment and devices connected. We want to make sure there is nothing that will interfere with the way your computer will work. Most of all on-site service is great so you can meet our technician and see who is working on your computer.

Remote Service: 90% of all computer services can be fixed remotely. We offer discounted rates to fix remotely. And unlimited remote support plans to keep you up and running and if you do go down we will be able to log in remotely very quickly fix your problem.