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Microsoft Teams

This Channel has a lot of good info for Microsoft teams. 


Network Discovery in Windows 10

This Video Show you how to make sure the Correct services are running and fix network discovery issues. 


NETLOGIN Not Opening or available?

We Cloned a server and took out the old domain server and after powering on the new server the NETLOGIN (Users were missing) Our error said: "the specified domain either does not exist and/or could not be contacted."  This link from Microsoft fixed our issue. 



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Windows 10 will not allow Office 2016 to install correctly.

Here is the command to fix Office not installing correctly on a new machine because it has more than one office account tied to the machine or it thinks it does.


From Microsoft:

It was my pleasure to work with you on the issue “Unable to Activate Office 2016 Suite” I hope that you were s…

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Sonicwall Firewall Nat/Camera/Server Connection.

Best Site to Help stop the Pain from Windows 10 automatically grading your PC form Windows 7 or Windows 8

Here is the Site we found to help keep windows 10 from Upgrading your PC.



They give step by step info on how to clean it off your PC. 


Link to Searchme toolbar uninstaller and some helpful Malware removal information.

Here is a link that can help you get rid of the hard to remove Malware.   Also try to remove in safemode.  :



How to get the Product Keys for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Here is a good link to get the Product Keys for Windows 8 and 8.1:



How to Map a Network Drive in Server 2008

"Word experienced an error trying to open the file"

How to Reset Internet Explorer

Explorer issues?  Try these steps at:




Master Boot Record Fix Video

Need Hiren's Boot CD/USB follow the steps in this YouTube video to fix the Windows 7 Boot Sector.


 Boot to hirens, Run MBRFIX in the commandline partion/Boot/ MBR 

    Close the Notepad window that opens.

   in the dos prompt type:   MbrFix /drive…

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If You receive a "The User Profile Service failed the logon” Error message

Here is a link for some information from Microsoft to help fix this issue.


Here is a link about the "Heartbleed" Bug.

If you want some information on the New bug out there check out this link.   This link is for some information about the Heartbleed bug. 


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How to remove Finally Fast Pop-up Ads.

How to remove the Finally Fast pop-up ads.   This one is a crazy bug that can take over your Computer.   Use the link below to get information on how to remove this bug. 


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File Association fixes.

If .com or .exe don't work correctly try fixing the registry with the link below.

Here is the short cut for file association fixes for Windows 7.




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How to reset Mozilla Firefox and Fix most issues.

Right from firefox here is how to reset the Browser. 


Outlook 2003 Does not send the entire message.

If your using Outlook 2003 and it only send part of the message it maybe because your computer that is running ether Windows 7 or Windows 8 has upgraded to Explorer 11.  Internet Explorer 11 for some reason Causes this issue.   You need to uninstall the update for Internet Explorer 11.   That should…

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Steps to troubleshoot/fix No Power to Laptop.

We had a customer call us Yesterday.   They said their Dell laptop was getting no Power.   I told them to follow these directions to see what maybe causing the issue.

1.  Check to see if the light is on the Power Cord inverter.   If no light then plug into known working power outlet.   If there…

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If your having issues with Google Chrome crashing when you print (or any other issue) the easiest way to fix is:

  1. Backup your Google Chrome Bookmarks.  User profile, AppData, local Settings (view hidden files) Google, Chrome, User Data, Default.   Copy your Bookmarks to the desktop.  

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